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In today’s fast paced consumer market, radio provides an ideal advertising medium for small & medium businesses to build your brand and boost your sales.

Radio advertising is one of the most powerful, cost-effective ways to reach and target millions of Malaysians. It breaks through the TV & Print clutter and creates lasting marketing impact. Consumers' listening sessions are long and they are highly engaged in the content they are consuming, making them extremely receptive to the advertising they hear

With Adbuy, we’ve not only made radio advertising easy to use but absolutely affordable for a growing business such as yours.

You now have easy access to 4 of the country's leading radio stations owned by Star Media Radio Group reaching nearly 5 million monthly Malaysian listeners monthly.

  • 988 FM – Malaysia’s largest Chinese radio channel
  • Suria FM – one of the fastest growing Malay radio channel
  • Red FM – a contemporary radio English channel for the discerning
  • Captal FM – the only radio channel focused on the modern Malaysian women

Register and click on BOOK NOW to start your advertising campaign in few easy steps. We’ve created packages starting as low as RM1,920 to allow small & medium businesses the advantage of a medium that traditionally was only used by large brands with big budgets.

And to make it even more attractive, for a limited time only ALL our packages come with FREE radio production.

Audio samples of our Radio Commercials

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    English (single voice)

  • Sample
    Mandarin (single voice)

  • Sample
    Bahasa Malaysia (single voice)

  • Sample
    Cantonese (single voice)